Drives Effective Change Management On Salesforce

Please evaluate the following cases by considering the change management process, items and models. WHATFIX + SOPHOS Sophos Drives Effective Change Management On Salesforce(B) Sophos is a leading global cybersecurity company that offers both software as well as hardware solutions. While being listed on the London Stock Exchange, it is also a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. Headquartered in Abingdon, United Kingdom, Sophos has 3,319 employees spread across offices in the US, EMEA and APAC regions. “Support and guidance is excellent and I’m sure this will continue. App development is also good. Whatfix listens to feedback and provides regular feature updates – roughly on a quarterly basis. Whatfix is a contributing factor to YoY 15\% reduction in Sales Ops cases globally – that equates to roughly 12,000 cases a year less.” The Challenge of Managing Change due to Frequent Salesforce Updates Sophos went live with Salesforce to increase win rates by making the sales process more streamlined and managing their business and client relationships effectively. While this has been a very crucial investment, the rate of change in Salesforce posed a great challenge. Salesforce released new features and updates every quarter and Sophos keenly wanted to benefit from those by enabling their sales rep to leveraging these features in the sales process. Additionally, Sophos updates and customizes Salesforce every month, to better suit their internal requirements. With Salesforce users spread across 7 countries, this challenge was further magnified. While the sales operations team at Sophos is a strong believer of in-person training, it felt the need for providing self-serve support and training to users. Thus, Sophos decided to implement Whatfix to provide interactive, on-demand training that helps users in the flow of work. Benefits to Business, Feb 2018 – Jan 2019 Benefits to Business, Feb 2018 – Jan 2019 Reasons for Choosing Whatfix Sophos chose Whatfix as the preferred solution for the following reasons: – Usability for Admins: A highly functional, yet easy to use tool for admins – Effectiveness for Users: A tool that provides ‘just-in-ime’ training to Salesforce users – Excellent Customer Service: Quick turnaround time offering the best solution to customer problems – Quick Time-to-Value: A comprehensive product with the quickest go-live in comparison to competitors Effective Change Management \& Unified Communication Sophos uses Whatfix to efficiently manage change on Salesforce, and to reinforce learning provided during the initial training period. Effective Change Management: Sophos experiences not just the quarterly Salesforce updates, but also monthly Salesforce updates/customisations to meet internal requirements. That’s a lot change for users to adapt to in a short period of time. Whatfix helps Sophos manage this change in the following ways: 1. In-App Support: Sophos sales representatives now have access to a 24×7 personalised in-app assistant in the form of Whatfix from which they receive on-demand information, not just from Whatfix content but also from knowledge bases. This has eliminated the need for users to raise support tickets. As a result, instead of waiting for the tickets to get resolved, sales representatives quickly move on with their tasks. By doing so, Sophos experienced a 15%(∼12,000 tickets ) reduction in sales operations support tickets, globally. 2. Real-Time Training: Sophos has effectively used Whatfix for increasing the recall of initial training. With Whatfix, updates communication and training has become real time. With new information available within Salesforce, employees receive learning in the flow of work and get interactive guidance when it is most needed. 3. Business Compliance: Sophos ensures users stay compliant by using Smart Tips that provide specific information about each new Salesforce button or form field. With 116,061 Smart Tips shown in total in 12 months ( 400 Smart Tips displayed every day), users are more confident in taking the right action. Unifying Internal Communications using Whatfix Content: Sophos took a very methodical approach towards their launch plan. First, they created Walkthroughs for the basic functionality of Salesforce such as leads, opportunities, etc. Next they moved to slightly more complex features that their users were uncomfortable with and created Guided Walkthroughs and Smart Pop-Ups. Sophos also used Whatfix to align the Sales and Product Management teams by embedding videos and other media to unify all product communication, instead of relying on various communication tools. “I realized the value whilst at home on my iPhone. Pretty much every app installed walks me through how to use new features once they are installed. I realized a work application should be no different. In the modern world, people expect change. They also expect change to be made smooth and as easy as possible. Whatfix does that.” Phil Walley Sales Operations Manager Sykes introduced a new IT roadmap and training program Sykes, a digital marketing and customer service global outsourcer, struggled to keep up with the swift pace of change. Given the low awareness of the value of embracing organizational change, the company needed to get started with change management with little initial funding. After seeing the first strong results, Sykes heavily invested in change management, introducing training and application in every region. Here’s what they did: – Designed a multi-year IT roadmap for deploying change management. – Incorporated change management into training for managers and the leadership development program. – Applied change management principles to the call center processes. Due to a strong change management strategy, Sykes improved sales efficiency and increased profitability in many projects. If you’re looking to make changes in your internal IT processes or establish brand new procedures, you need to build an IT roadmap. Whether you’re switching to a different CRM system or investing in a procurement system, a technology roadmap will help you go through the digital transformation process and IT transition smoothly. The question is – how do you build one? In this guide, we’re covering everything you need to know about IT roadmaps before making any IT investment. What Is An IT Roadmap? An IT roadmap is an outline that maps out strategic steps for realizing IT initiatives within an organization. It should be an inevitable part of your change management strategy. When going through technological change, a clearly defined IT roadmap helps to prevent workflow disruptions and maintains stable operations. IT roadmap vs product roadmap To be clear – IT roadmaps and product roadmaps are not the same. A product roadmap is a visual plan communicating your product vision and its development stages. It’s entirely focused on the product your company is building, not the technology that helps you on your way. So while a product roadmap defines your progress with your company’s own product, an IT roadmap provides direction for managing your business toolkit. Oftentimes, product roadmaps are displayed publicly to set the right expectations with customers or partners. IT roadmaps are solely built for internal use. Another difference to note is product roadmaps are designed by product teams, while IT roadmaps are built by operations managers and business development teams. 6 Benefits of IT Roadmaps Having an IT roadmap results in tangible benefits, including: 1. Smooth operations Creating an IT roadmap is a step toward improving business operations. With an overview of their strategic responsibilities to the company, your IT department and operations managers will be more likely to follow established processes and achieve consistent results. 2. Save money By mapping out your IT initiatives, you ensure you are making the most efficient use of your budget. Instead of acting chaotically and testing different approaches, you follow a clear plan and don’t waste your resources. 3. Launch more strategic initiatives When you have a clear view of your current strategy, you have more space to launch new strategic initiatives. Having your IT projects organized, it’s easier to identify what you’re missing to reach your company’s broader strategic goals and prioritize initiatives accordingly. 4. Monitor progress An IT roadmap makes it easy to monitor your progress through your IT strategy. By taking a look at the milestones you’ve defined in your IT roadmap, you can always understand where you are on your way toward achieving the final goal. 5. Align key stakeholders By creating an IT roadmap and sharing it across your organization, you’re creating visibility that leads to better alignment among stakeholders and employees. A roadmap solves the problem of under-communication and helps everyone involved to be on the same page. 6. Avoid SaaS waste SaaS waste occurs when the software you pay for isn’t used at all or underused. Approximately 29% of your organization’s spend on SaaS services is wasted. A clear IT roadmap helps to prevent it by giving you full control over your growing stack of SaaS tools. You’ll never forget about recurring subscriptions you don’t need anymore or purchase new software when your existing systems are capable of performing the tasks you need. HMRC expanded customer communication to new digital channels During the recession, HMRC, a governmental organization, lost many employees which led to frustration across both the workforce and customers. Customer requests were passed from department to department because the team had to stick rigidly to outdated prescribed scripts and workflows. The company sought to reduce handovers and smoothen customer journeys. To achieve these objectives, HMRC’s leadership team had to find a way to give the workforce greater discretion in handling customer requests and simplifying processes. One more goal was to expand customer communications to online channels. The organization carried out change step-by-step: – Generated ideas for handling calls more effectively. – Came up with the metrics to assess call handling times and the quality of calls. – Tested change management principles on small scale before going live nationally. – Updated a telephony system, implemented new technology, and revisited outdated processes. In a few years, HMRC increased customer satisfaction from 82 to 92 and improved trust between staff and leaders. Microsoft created a change strategy to support its integration of sales automation tools. In 2020, Microsoft set a goal to make it easier to track sales and operations across regions and roles. The old system lacked automation and imposed various challenges for Microsoft’s leaders, from data misalignment to duplication of effort and compliance issues. While understanding they would face several obstacles, the company was determined to build a new solution to meet everyone’s needs. It turns out that even at Microsoft, employees may be resistant to change and not willing to accept new business processes. – Identified and documented the key blockers of change. – Asked people driving reporting in each area to become champions of change. – Had weekly or bi-weekly sessions to prioritize project needs. – Deployed action plans in areas like delivery, adoption, and business readiness. – Implemented structured feedback channels to learn the opinions of end-users. When addressing change management, Microsoft was following the best practices from Prosci, in particular the ADKAR model. The Microsoft team has created a constantly changing environment to improve the platform and adapt it to the employees’ needs. Microsoft Proves that Culture Can Drive Change Microsoft is a technology company, but its recent cultural shift highlights an important point: in today’s era, culture is as important as technology. Satya Nadella, according to some, has been the change leader behind this move. Thanks to his efforts, Microsoft has shifted its attitude towards its customers. Rather than compelling users to use Windows, Nadella’s strategy was to give customers what they want. This strategy sounds simple and most businesses would like to think that their culture puts customers first. However, since Nadella came on board, Microsoft stock has skyrocketed and its products have become far more successful. Many argue that his new culture is the reason for this growth, since: – Culture attracts top talent – A customer-centric culture delivers better products and services – When the workforce, the workplace, and the culture are aligned, employees deliver better customer service – Companies are more likely to be successful when workers are more engaged Nadella himself said that “renewing our company’s culture would be my highest priority,” and this strategy has clearly proven successful. By replacing bureaucracy and infighting with a growth mindset, he has demonstrated the central role that organizational culture plays in business performance – and that culture can be the key factor that fuels transformation. Starbucks Fuses the Physical with the Digital Starbucks is a global coffee chain, but they have proactively and aggressively kept up with today’s changing digital landscape. Here are a few examples of the changes they have made over the past several years: – Using Microsoft Azure and a type of machine learning technology called reinforcement learning, customers using the Starbucks app receive customized order recommendations. These recommendations incorporate a range of data, including the weather, the time of day, the store inventory, the customer’s previous orders, and more. – Using IoT, Starbucks carefully tracks the performance of their equipment. Each espresso machine, for instance, analyzes data such as the water quality, the coffee temperature, and the type of beans. One way they are using that information is to create recipes that can be sent instantly to machines in all their stores. – Blockchain technology allows Starbucks to carefully follow their coffee’s journey from its source directly to their customer’s cup. They track information such as where coffee was grown, where and when it was roasted, and more – this, then, is relayed to the customer via the Starbucks app. One of the most important takeaways from Starbucks’ digital transformation efforts is their All of the efforts listed above, for instance, are designed to improve the customer experience. In today’s business landscape, that experience has become paramount and since customer needs are changing rapidly, it is important to prioritize customer needs when engaging in business transformation efforts. McDonald’s Turns Digital, Inside and Out Like Starbucks, McDonald’s has recognized the value of using technology to improve the customer experience. Here are a few examples of how they are using digital innovation to transform their business: – McDonald’s plans to customize the drive-thru experience based on factors such as weather, time of day, traffic conditions, and the menu items the customer is currently ordering – They plan to use voice technology at drive-thrus to take orders – Not only has McDonald’s hired teams of data scientists and engineers to back its digital change initiatives, it has acquired several multi-million dollar companies to exploit their technology and research All of these efforts are part of the company’s new “Velocity Growth” plan that was rolled out in 2017. The CEO of McDonald’s, Steve Easterbrook, pointed out that “the pace of change inside McDonald’s was being eclipsed by the pace of change outside our business.” Since the plan’s inception, it has shown promising results – in the four years leading up to 2020 , for instance, McDonald’s digital orders increased by 23%. The company has also continued to expand its digital change efforts by, for instance, hiring a digital customer engagement team. Though 2020 was naturally a challenging year for the company, they plan to accelerate change in the years ahead and boost resilience by focusing on areas such as “drive-thru, delivery, and growing our digital presence,” as CEO Chris Kempczinski put it. British Airways In 1981, British Airways appointed a new chairperson, John King. Early on, it was noticed that the company was extremely inefficient and a lot of valuable resources were being wasted. To help the organisation become more profitable, the chairperson decided to restructure the entire business. He decided that the most efficient way to do this was through a change management plan. The organisation soon began to reduce its workforce. However, before this was completed, the chairman – through his change management leadership – provided the business with reasons for restructuring British Airways to help prepare them for the upcoming change. His plan saw him axe 22,000 jobs – including half of the board – replace older planes with modern jets and eliminated unprofitable routes. One of his successors, Martin Broughton, paid tribute to King for the role he played in the transformation. He said: “Lord King transformed the airline from a position of state-owned weakness to one of financial strength and global renown as a pioneer privatised carrier.” So, through leadership and communication, he managed to direct the business through an incredibly difficult time and turned British Airways into a profitable business. Netflix In 1997, the gargantuan media-services provider Netflix was born. Previously, the model offered customers monthly subscriptions to have movies posted to their door. This meant they avoided the late fees which traditional movie rental business imposed upon customers. From the beginning, Netflix proved to be a disruptive organisation which has likely resulted in its capability to transform and adapt to the digital world. Streaming began in 2007 for the business and meant subscribers no longer needed to wait for DVDs to come through the mail. Netflix successfully implemented change management to meet the needs of the consumers that would begin to watch content online. At one stage, it was at a crossroads, when its long-term sustainability was dependent on how it managed the change to a digital future. After surviving a drop in subscription numbers and stock figures, Netflix subscribers grew from 23 million in 2011 to more than 137 million in 2018 . So trusting their plan worked, as the business knew DVDs were on their way out and they needed to shift gears. Lego Lego’s reinvention has seen its story hailed as the greatest turnaround in corporate history. From 1932 until 1998, Lego had never posted a loss. By 2003, it was an entirely different story. Sales were down by 30% year-on-year and the brand was $800 million in debt. What didn’t help their situation was that Lego hadn’t added anything of value to its portfolio for a decade. So, what happened between Lego’s CEO, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, admitting that the brand is running out of cash and he wouldn’t survive, and when it overtook Ferrari as the world’s most powerful brand in 2015 ? Much like Netflix, Lego eventually realised that its lifespan of physical products wasn’t going to have an infinite interest. After a period of expansion, this beloved toy company was near bankruptcy in 2004 . With this realistic yet disastrous outcome on the horizon, Lego decided it was time to start restructuring. To begin, the business implemented digital transformation. Instead of putting their sole focus on physical toy products, Lego is increasingly concentrating on bridging the physical and virtual augmented reality (AR) experiences. Now, Lego’s revival has gone down in history. A book has been devoted to the subject – Brick by Brick: How Lego Rewrote the Rules of Innovation – while the likes of Google, Adidas and Sony all refer to it. By finding new sources of revenue, LEGO has managed to transform its brand and keep up with the requirements of its target audience today. Domıno’s Pizza The changes implemented by Domino’s Pizza finally saw the brand lift its sales over Pizza Hut for the very time. Using savvy marketing, creative ordering methods and innovative technology, things were finally looking positive in 2010. Back in 2008, Domino’s Pizza was struggling as stock had hit an all-time low. Despite the importance the business had put on maintaining a positive brand image, its struggles were making this a real challenge. In 2012, however, Domino’s Pizza was back on its feet due to a successful change management implementation. The organisation’s pizza turnaround, thanks to digital transformation, rested on the fact that key transformation players managed to convince top management to get on board. Eventually, their enthusiasm trickled down throughout the entire business. The brand implemented new technology to support the chance. A new custom delivery vehicle with a heating oven was introduced, dubbed the DXP, which acted as a form of advertisement despite only 150 being on the road at the time. The brand ramped up its digital efforts as well to meet consumer demand. Text messages, Alexa, Google Home, Twitter, Facebook, Smart TVs – they’re all methods used by consumers to order a pizza. Domino’s leveraged the wealth of consumer data through its custom operating system. This helped keep the transaction costs low and provided Domino’s with insights about its customers. Then there’s also the case of developing loyalty programmes and introducing special offers to continue to drive up sales. Despite the successful change, it hasn’t stopped there. The brand has also tested drone and robot delivery – even partnering with Ford on self-driving options. Regular Church Nobody has ever claimed that change management is limited to large corporations and well-known brands. Take this example from a blog post by KM Jeff, whose church was building a new sanctuary. Since it was the congregation that was going to be paying for the sanctuary, the church created a steering committee of members of the congregation. Members were invited to participate and provide feedback during each step of the construction. They were made to feel like a valuable part of the process. The reason behind this was so that they’d embrace the change as they’d have provided their input. By doing this and getting members involved, the church decreased any negative feelings towards the sanctuary. The lesson to take away from this example is that getting everyone committed to the process is an integral way of ensuring that your change management strategy will be a major success. Nokia Before smartphones entered the mainstream market, Nokia was enjoying the success it had built, as the business had claimed 40% of the market share in 2007 . Five years later, however, the Finnish organisation was almost finished! It edged closer to disaster as shares plummeted and the company logged more than $2 billion in operating losses in the first half of 2012 alone. revolution. Nokia then hired a new CEO and embarked on a journey to reinvent itself. After selling its struggling mobile device division to fellow giant Microsoft, the concentration shifted to network and mapping technologies. In 2008, Nokia introduced a Booster Programme that helped the company match the ever-changing aspirations of its customers, as well as new technologies among competitors. They went from nine to four business units and streamlined development into just three business units. Nokia also purchased Siemens and then Alcatel-Lucent. The result was billions gained in shareholder value and Nokia became a full-service infrastructure provider. Nokia’s amazing transformation from a borderline bankrupt hardware manufacturer to leading technology players shows how major organisations can respond to serious disruptions by transforming themselves. Coca-Cola Perhaps no organisation has been through change management challenges quite like the Coca-Cola Company. One example is from the 1980 s when bitter rivals Pepsi started to aggressively target Coca-Cola. In response, the latter released New Coke – a sweeter version of its classic drink. New Coke wasn’t a success and didn’t appeal to the public. Coca-Cola wasted no time in replacing it with the older formula. Here, the brand was able to respond quickly to consumer preferences so that the product’s appeal was maintained. It even stretches as far back as World War II. By offering free drinks to soldiers, CocaCola quickly marketed itself as a symbol of the US war effort. At the same time, it boosted brand recognition in destination countries that allied forces were occupying. During this process, Coca-Cola cemented its presence through 64 extra manufacturing sites across the world. This accelerated the company’s post-war global expansion strategy. These are just some of the change management examples which show how Coca-Cola manages to stay ahead of the curve. To respond to greater health consciousness, CocaCola released Enviga, Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero to appeal to this target market. Then during the Asian financial crisis, the organisation pursued an acquisition strategy to better deal with consumer preferences. By reacting quickly and acting proactively in anticipation of changing trends, it’s clear how change management is a vital component in Coca-Cola’s overall strategic vision. In today’s environment, organisational changes are constantly happening and have become a critical component in adapting to the constantly changing dynamics of the marketplace. Whatever your business, your goals remain the same. If you want to succeed, stay innovative, anticipate the future and capitalise on opportunities as they emerge, then you need the tools to make decisions in realtime through Connected Planning. By aligning your internal teams and having the ability to see around corners, stay ahead of change and make better-informed decisions you can deliver successful change management at scale.

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